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O Lord Shiva, Thou art the Destroyer Divine
O Auspicious One, Transform the obstacle of mind
That i may adore Thee, O Lord purify me


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Sample Tracks
1 Mahamritunjaya/Nataraj
2 Kashi Vishwanatha Gange (Free Download, through the Cart)
3 Dazzling Light
4 Jaya Shiva Shivaya
5 O Lord Dweller Within
6 Namah Shivaya
7 Guru Om Tat Sat
8 Shiva Shambo Hara Hara Shambo
9 I Bow to Shiva
10 Jaya Om Sri Ganapati
11 O Lord Shiva
12 Hara Shiva Shankara
13 Lord of Dance
14 Namah Parvate
15 Shambhu Shiva Shankara
16 Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva is the transformer. He appears terrible only to finish our dross. He is still beautiful.

~Swami Amar Jyoti

These blissful chants to Shiva in Hindi and English, sung by Sita Stuhlmiller, were recorded during the Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti at Sacred Mountain Ashram and Desert Ashram. Original and traditional compositions are sung solo and in layered vocals, accompanied on guitar, synthesizer, tablas and percussions. With their sweet inspiration and devotion, these chants to Shiva effortlessly awaken your love and aspiration for the Supreme.

Clear, silvery bells open the album and Sita’s bell-like voice continues throughout. Each word reverberates so expressively, the listener is inspired to chant along, and as Shiva is the Lord of Dance, to dance along too. This album joins Sing O Little Krishna as one of our ashrams’ favorites. Recorded live during Satsang at Sacred Mountain Ashram and Desert Ashram, these sixteen devotional chants are sung in Hindi and English, accompanied on guitar, synthesizer, tabla and percussions. From the opening Mahamritunjaya mantra to the deeply meditative Om Namah Shivaya, this album inspires joy and love of God. All the multi-faceted glory of Lord Shiva is worshiped in this delightful, Shakti-filled offering. —Light of Consciousness Journal

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