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“Merge your ego unto the Lord and joyfully float into the ocean of Light. This is not just philosophy or poetry—you are whirling through this Light space all the time, even here and now. Why are you not seeing it? You are stuck in me. That me keeps us bound and then we do not see. Therefore me has to merge unto That, which is eternal. For millions of years we have been glued to me—my life, my children, my personality, my family, my culture, my religion, my things, my likes, my dislikes, my relatives, the way I look at things. And all the time we are blind to the Light, which is here and everywhere, outside and inside us.

The Light of God is all pervading. Even between any two stars or planets it is all light, what to speak of between two persons. You do not see it because you are used to seeing three-dimensionally. If your consciousness opens to the fourth dimension, you will see Light everywhere. Breaking the barriers needs courage and egolessness. Then you plunge into Illumination. It is already there—that Light by which we are living. It is by that Light that we are being guided..”

~Swami Amar Jyoti