Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe wisdom of Sri Krishna, dispelling our self-imposed delusions. True gyana, knowledge, the awakening within.Sample Audio



The wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, given by Krishna in India 5000 years ago, is explained in depth with relevance to today’s seeker. Krishna’s teaching on attachment reveals why it affects our perception of reality. How do we become truly free from sufferings and sorrows? Krishna told Arjuna, his disciple and India’s greatest archer at that time, to consolidate his thoughts and feelings and focus on his goal like an arrow straight to its target. As seekers we need to gather up our energy and remain calmly fixed on our goal. There is joy in going straight to our Source. Righteousness gives strength; attachment, delusion, desires, wishful thinking, greed, egotism and vanity make us weak. The best course is to stand by the principle and leave the results up to the Lord. Wisdom is not learned but born from within. Krishna reveals his Universal Form or Virat Swarup.

“The entire Gita is devoted to this one topic: how to get you free from your self-imposed delusions, which you call reality but which are simply clouds. This whole self-hypnosis has to be shattered; then that will be awakening.”

Swami Amar Jyoti