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“The holy men, the realized souls, the mystics, the Prophets are always ready to give in abundance without any  considerations, except, that we should know how to hold it, we should know how to retain it. Higher the retention power, higher the deserving power, preparation and the readiness, higher the bounties of God are received.  Deserving is the capacity to retain, that’s all. Not only we have to deserve, but we have to rightly use it. This is the economy of God.

In evolution, the first chakra is the muladhara, the base. The second chakra is our animal nature. The third is the human being. When you rise to the fourth chakra you become a higher being: a statesman, poet, administrator, social reformer, dancer, musician—but not of the ordinary type. When you rise to the fifth chakra it begins to give you joy. Even on the fourth chakra you get glimpses of joy, glimpses of light, beautiful sounds, colors and your inner faculties begin to awaken. When you reach the fifth chakra, joy becomes intact. This is not ordinary happiness; it is real joy. Many saints and holy men and women are on the fifth chakra. And when you rise to the sixth chakra, you become a yogi. ”

~Swami Amar Jyoti