Available in CD or Digital DownloadCreation is infinite, yet all of Reality is in every particle. You are That and That is within you.Sample Audio


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Creation is infinite, yet all of Reality is in every particle. “You are That and That is within you.” All ideas and creations are projected through space and time: desa kala. This is the first self-imposed modification of the mind. Beyond the bounds of space and time there is no thinking. Consciousness is already pervading infinitely. It doesn’t travel; it doesn’t project. It is everywhere. What travels is the shades of unconsciousness, the shades of projection.

“By it’s own static, stable, calmness, Consciousness is everywhere. But when you are putting a thought or a will or a ripple, like dropping a stone in a placid pond, that wave or ripple instantly projects to the degree you have thought or willed it, which is called motivation. So wherever you are projecting your God, He or She happens to be there. It’s not that God is not there, but the question is that we believe in this projection that God is not here, within you and surrounding you.”

—Swami Amar Jyoti