Available in CD or Digital DownloadWhen we become a child before Mother Nature, She reveals Her true meaning. On mind, disease and reincarnation.Sample Audio


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At every step Mother Nature has something to teach us, something to give us. This is the divine play by God, the totality of nature of which our minds are a part.

When we come to childlike simplicity we will be blessed. We will experience revelations and the mind’s clouds will scatter in no time, regardless of the outer weather or our mental conceptions. Then mountains speak to us, the clouds, the air and the sun speak to us. Not in words as we are talking—they communicate with us directly. And when that happens you will no longer fight with nature, not only outer nature but with your mind, your personal nature. This begins to open up in such a way that the hidden treasures and wealth within us begin to shine out. And wonder of wonders, the whole of creation no longer seems confusing or chaotic but a well-planned, disciplined, lawful expression, perfectly in tune with Divine law.

We may aspire to fly to the utmost goal of joy and bliss and love and peace, but on the way we do meet with clouds. Sometimes there is pleasant sunshine, sometimes thunderstorms—many kinds of rough and easy weather. Those who are bold, heroic and courageous, not proud or arrogant, face this mental weather by taking it as necessary lessons.

Childlike simplicity has no thinking in it. It is simply love and devotion and surrender unto God and then revelation takes place. Even very miserable times or conditions reveal their hidden beauty once our hearts are melted in love and devotion. In times of misery or chaos, whatever they may be, just be tolerant, be patient, surrender your mind unto God. You will begin to see the Light in spite of any seeming losses.

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 20 #1, Spring 2008