Available in CD or Digital DownloadBeyond our selfish little worlds, new joy awaits. Swadharma—doing one’s part for the good of all—forms the basis for Rita Dharma (cosmic order).Sample Audio



“Once you assume responsibility for what you are and do not blame anything outside you, then comes the next stage: the problems that you solve in your own mind will be the problems you are able to solve outside. This will be in perfect proportion to what you can do for others. When anger comes in me, when selfishness or jealousies arise, when disturbing thoughts or episodes come up in my life, how do I deal with them? If I am able to deal with them in myself, I will be able to help others to the same degree. If I have achieved peace of mind, only then can I give peace. If my mind is disturbed I may give a thousand lectures about peace but they will not give peace to anyone. Love is one of the most talked-about topics today but everyone is still hungry for love.

My motive, my being, what I am, is more important than what I do. A great man is known not by what he does but what he is. In other words, if I change myself I will be able to do greater things. The solution is to change one’s own self and then the world will change. If you find your peace, you will find peace everywhere. Others coming in contact with you will also find peace. When we come to this reality, identity with my being, we will find solutions for the world.”