Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe sometimes baffling workings of Karma. Karma, reincarnation and grace. Once we learn the lesson, we see the way out.Sample Audio



The law of karma is inextricably linked with reincarnation. Humility and repentance open us to receive God’s mercy and grace. Once we learn our lessons, the way opens.

Knowingly or unknowingly, led by desire and ignorance, each one creates their own bondage. Imagine the whole cosmos as one great computer; within this intricate machinery, all minds are linked together, each soul connected to every other soul. If you could raise your consciousness to the fourth dimension or see through the third eye, you would observe in the astral planes minds interconnected in intricate jumbles of karmic chains. From this perspective, you would wisely see that each receives according to what they have done. Therefore, we should be kind to others because their karma will take care of their wrongs. Karma reaches everyone—it’s very scientific.

God is not creating our sufferings. What we do comes back to us, whether we are aware of it or not, whether as children or adults. There is always a way out of the bondage of karma if we care to humbly see and take responsibility for our actions. Confess or repent before God. Genuine prayer and understanding is needed. If repentance is genuine, the conscience opens.

The whole world is a school for learning and we are all here as students. Except the Perfected Ones, who are here to help others, each of us has taken birth to learn spiritual lessons. In each birth we are given different situations in which to perfect ourselves. And as long as we have lessons to learn, we will continue to be reborn on this earth.