Available in CD or Digital DownloadA fresh approach to meditation. Habit vs. creativity. Finding the perennial joy and beauty of life.Sample Audio


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“A fresh attitude means to meditate upon whatever you are meditating upon. Work while you work; play while you play; meditate while you meditate. But if while meditating you are thinking, you are not meditating. One minute of real meditation will change your whole outlook. You will be transformed. It requires a surrender—not me, God, You. Then life is a perennial joy—anytime, anywhere, anything—without exception. It is not only joyful but a thing of beauty, peace and love. When everything in life is refreshed and renewed every moment—that is the sacrament of the moment.

How to meet someone you have had difficulties with as if you are meeting him or her for the first time? Let him or her have a legitimate chance to prove otherwise. This is opening your eyes. The idea is how to see everything as if for the first time. Because behind everything, whether it is food, the weather, your relationships, your circumstances, if you minutely judge you will find it is always you who you are concentrating upon.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti