Holy Days

Buddha Purnima

On May 4th we celebrated Buddha Purnima which falls 2 days prior to Gurudeva’s Birthday.  Mantras were chanted, kheer (rice pudding) was offered to Buddha, we listened to a lovely Satsang about Buddha’s life and all shared the prasad.


Gurudeva’s Birthday

According to the Vedic calendar, Gurudeva’s Birthday fell on May 6th this year, the same date as His birth year. This was a specially blessed day of celebration and remembrance of the Love He embodied. We offered Aarati and Puja, shared stories, chanted and saw His Satsang video, The Liberated Soul. A festive Indian meal was served for Master along with a beautiful birthday cake. It was truly a heavenly day for all those fortunate to attend.


Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi

We observed Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi (conscious departure) with Satsang on the 12th night and meditation on the 13th at the time of His passing, 3 am MDT. As the dawn arrived we offered Aarati and sat in that incredible peace He bestows. At Sacred Mountain Ashram, we offered havan, Vedic fire ceremony, on a grassy area east of Annapurna. At Desert Ashram we listened to Gurudeva’s Satsang, The Highest Relationship, reminding us that there is no relationship as deep and sacred as the Guru and disciple.


Guru Purnima

Reverently and joyfully we celebrated Guru Purnima on July 31st, a day to renew our dedication to the guiding Light of the Guru, the wayshower and bestower of ultimate Liberation.