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“The day you truly meditate upon Light, you will shine.”
~ Swami Amar Jyoti

A whole year of inspiration awaits you in the Prayer & Meditation Calendar 2020.  Printed in full color on glossy recycled paper, this stunning wall calendar includes images from India, Thailand, America, Indonesia, Bhutan and more. Each month includes a quote by Swami Amar Jyoti, as well as quotes by saints, sages and others. A visual meditation to support you daily in your spiritual practices, and a perfect gift for family and friends.



Prayer & Meditation 2020 Calendar

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“Meditation is when you let go and relax. Then you begin to get into the region called transcendental.”
~ Swami Amar Jyoti

12 x 12 wall calendar (12 x 24 open) printed on glossy recycled paper with holy days from diverse faiths, public holidays and moon cycles.  Inspiration for every day of the year.

© 2019 TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS (Nonprofit Organization), 12” x 12” wall calendar, printed on recycled paper, glossy film laminate cover

COVER and NOVEMBER: Woman holding oil lamp during Divali celebration © Szefei | Dreamstime.com

JANUARY: Image courtesy of Leonid Plotkin, from the photo bookNostalgia for Eternity: Journeys in Religion, History and Myth on the Indian Subcontinent, published by Niyogi Books, 2018; FEBRUARY: The Potala—palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa, Tibet © Yury Birukov, YuryBirukov.com; MARCH: Meditation in the forest by Solis Images; APRIL: Woman praying inside Istiqlal (“Freedom”) Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia © leolintang; MAY: Praying on Assi Ghat, Varanasi, India © P.K. Gupta Photography; JUNE: Meditating in the park © Mimagephotography | Dreamstime.com; JULY: Buddhist monks at the birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini, Nepal © Yury Birukov, YuryBirukov.com; AUGUST: Morning prayers, South Beach, Florida, USA © Dan Eidsmoe; SEPTEMBER: Novices praying at Vat Keo Monastery in Phongsaly, Northern Laos © Dietmar Temps, DietmarTemps.com; OCTOBER: Cherokee dancer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA © pkruger; DECEMBER: Christian Orthodox prayer, courtesy of Saint Petersburg Theological Academy via Flickr: tinyurl.com/yco3n4z3

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