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Light of Consciousness – Autumn Issue Now Available!

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Our Autumn Special issue, MEDITATION & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES, includes articles to encourage and inspire you on your own chosen path. Featuring Swami Amar Jyoti’s Satsang: Sadhana: Faith and Devotion in Spiritual Practices, this issue also includes Transforming Suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Not Complaining-But Taking Responsibility by Tsem Rinpoche, Parenting With Presence by Susan Stiffelman, Unplug: Breaking Free from Habitual, Stressful Patterns by Sharon Salzberg, To Live a Sacred Life by Rivvy Neshama and more. The Autumn issue is available at your local bookstore, on iPad and other online newsstands, and at our website here.

Read and share a sample of Light of Consciousness Digital Edition.

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What we call creation is changing phenomena.
That is why Realized Souls say to be detached
from form and name and be devoted to the contents.
Identify yourself with the form and name–you will have to lament. Identify yourself with the Reality–you will not lament.


“Swami Amar Jyoti was one of the most insightful, gentle and inspiring teachers that I was fortunate to meet. His book Consciousness: Where Science and Spirituality Meet is one of the best explanations available of the secrets of universal awareness. It makes easily accessible to the modern reader the profound system of Vedanta and its transformative path of Self-knowledge. The book will be of great help to Yoga practitioners, meditators and spiritual aspirants everywhere. We look forward to additional titles in the series of Swamiji’s books.”

–Dr. David Frawley, D. Litt., author of Shiva: The Lord of Yoga and Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide

Sacred Mountain Ashram News

We’ve had an abundance of rain this summer and our 108 acres at Sacred Mountain Ashram are lush with wild grasses and flowers like no other year!

Summertime Projects

Repairs and renovations are in full swing during these few summer months on our mountaintop. After 30+ years, our greenhouse had a complete makeover this year with new polycarbonate panels and rebuilt screens on the four louvre windows. Plans are under way for a new watering system and with more light coming in, we are happily contemplating more varieties of veggies in the coming years.

  • A sunken cement area outside Shakti Dham (ladies residence) that had been causing a room inside to flood was raised using a modern process of “mud jacking.” More exterior work for this “Yucca Pod” structure, designed 50 years ago by Boulder architect Charles Haertling, is planned.
  • The yurt that served us well for years had been falling apart for decades, so what remained, primarily the deck, was dismantled in July. The wooden entry has been converted into a gazebo we have named Aspen Kutir, with a new roof and fascia. We plan to eventually make it into a rustic summer cabin for retreat guests.
  • Florence Lodge at Sevalaya had some badly needed restoration. We plan to remodel this carriage house to make it into a 2-bedroom retreat cottage in the near future.
  • The Annapurna gazebo, damaged by age and 100+ mph winds last January, was re-roofed with asphalt shingles to match Annapurna dome. The cedar shakes that were removed will be used for kindling in our many wood stoves.
  • Our second annual yoga class Seva Day took place on July 18th. Much gratitude to everyone who came and helped in so many ways. It was heartening to see the yoginis, their spouses and their children painting, gardening, and helping clear building refuse from the greenhouse and dismantled yurt platform. Afterwards everyone share a meal at Annapurna.
  • Rains in recent years have caused flooding inside the greenhouse, so in early August local earth movers sculpted and leveled the land to allow water to run away from the greenhouse. In addition, they removed  old footers at yurt site and cleared boulder strewn paths near Shakti Dham for safer walking year-round.

Lakshmi, Buddha and Krishna
New statues of Lakshmi and Buddha were installed in their respective places: Buddha at the Aspiration sculpture and Lakshmi in the sunken garden that we have renamed Lakshmi’s Garden. New stepping stones were placed in the area before Krishna in the Garden of Prophets.
Higher Consciousness Retreat
We are only a few days away from our summer retreat on August 8-10 when we will listen to Gurudeva’s Enlightenment Retreat. Everyone who is coming has expressed gratitude for this time of meditation and spiritual renewal. Throughout the summer and autumn our guesthouse will be available for personal retreats. Let us know well in advance if you would like to come for a few days to a few weeks of prayer, meditation, Satsang, kirtan, silence and solitude. We look forward to sharing this heavenly land blessed by Gurudeva.


God and His creation are inseparable. They are one. True bliss is in this oneness.


It’s our joy and privilege to share with you the various happenings at Gurudeva’s ashrams. And to thank all of you who keep in touch, give us feedback, support us in many ways, and let us know that Gurudeva is a significant and living presence in your life.

Holy Days

Buddha Purnima

On May 4th we celebrated Buddha Purnima which falls 2 days prior to Gurudeva’s Birthday.  Mantras were chanted, kheer (rice pudding) was offered to Buddha, we listened to a lovely Satsang about Buddha’s life and all shared the prasad.


Gurudeva’s Birthday

According to the Vedic calendar, Gurudeva’s Birthday fell on May 6th this year, the same date as His birth year. This was a specially blessed day of celebration and remembrance of the Love He embodied. We offered Aarati and Puja, shared stories, chanted and saw His Satsang video, The Liberated Soul. A festive Indian meal was served for Master along with a beautiful birthday cake. It was truly a heavenly day for all those fortunate to attend.


Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi

We observed Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi (conscious departure) with Satsang on the 12th night and meditation on the 13th at the time of His passing, 3 am MDT. As the dawn arrived we offered Aarati and sat in that incredible peace He bestows. At Sacred Mountain Ashram, we offered havan, Vedic fire ceremony, on a grassy area east of Annapurna. At Desert Ashram we listened to Gurudeva’s Satsang, The Highest Relationship, reminding us that there is no relationship as deep and sacred as the Guru and disciple.


Guru Purnima

Reverently and joyfully we celebrated Guru Purnima on July 31st, a day to renew our dedication to the guiding Light of the Guru, the wayshower and bestower of ultimate Liberation.


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