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Jesus said: Be still and know. We call it Samadhi, which means perfect stillness of mind
~ Swami Amar Jyoti

We all need reminders to keep focused on our spiritual practices and aspirations. Our Prayer & Meditation Calendar for 2018 features captivating photographs from India, Tibet, Myanmar, Israel, Sudan, Nepal, Ethiopia and America. Featuring a wisdom teaching and monthly quotes by Swami Amar Jyoti, the calendar also includes quotes by Austin Repath, Sri Sarada Devi, Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, St. Claire of Assisi, Prem Prakash, David Hoffmeister and others.


Prayer & Meditation 2018 Calendar

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Rightly done, prayer should lead you to meditation. You begin to be absorbed, to relax, to go within. Then ultimately you enter into silence where prayer just stops. That silence of God is the whole fruit of your aspiration. 
~ Swami Amar Jyoti

12 x 12 wall calendar (12 x 24 open) printed on glossy recycled paper with holy days from diverse faiths, public holidays and moon cycles.  Inspiration for every day of the year.

© 2018 TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS (Nonprofit Organization), 12” x 12” wall calendar, printed on recycled paper, glossy film laminate cover

COVER and JULY: Tibetan women, Lake Namtso Tibet © Yury Birukov

JANUARY: Meditation in park © Denis Raev | Dreamstime.com; FEBRUARY: Tibetans on pilgrimage to Mount Kailash © Yury Birukov; MARCH: Sudanese child praying © John Wollwerth; APRIL: Prayer in Ganesh temple, Pokhara, Nepal © Vibek Raj Maurya; MAY: Meditating on sunset bay © Nadezhda1906 | Dreamstime.com; JUNE: Muslim woman on the beach © Eldar Nurkovic | Dreamstime.com; AUGUST: Prayer in the Ganges © 2016 Glenn Losack MD; SEPTEMBER: Holding the four species in the synagogue on Sukkot © Natushm | DepositPhotos.com; OCTOBER: Sunset meditation © Maryia Bahutskaya | Dreamstime.com; NOVEMBER: Novice monks, Bagan, Myanmar © Dietmar Temps/Shutterstock.com; DECEMBER: Shepherds in Semien, Ethiopia © Yury Birukov

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