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Founded in 1974 by Prabhushri Swamiji, Truth Consciousness, Inc. is a tax-exempt, nonprofit spiritual organization that maintains Ashrams based upon Sanatana Dharma (mankind’s eternal religion) and devoted to unfolding consciousness. The ashrams are universal and non-denominational, respecting all prophets and faiths.

The ashrams in the USA are located outside Boulder, Colorado and in Tucson, Arizona. Each ashram is situated in a setting of natural beauty on extensive acreage, pervaded by an atmosphere of peace and reverence for all life. For those seekers aspiring to live under the direct guidance of Gurudeva, the ashrams offer a blessed sanctuary open to seekers from all paths and walks of life.

A simple, balanced blending of the inner life of meditation and prayer with outer service encourages each resident disciple to maintain the spiritual focus. Every aspect of life and every activity, whether prayer, meditation, worship, hatha yoga, walking, work or study becomes part of spiritual practice, with the aspiration to become purified in body and mind, and to make each moment an offering to the Lord. Guests are welcome to visit the ashrams. To arrange a visit at non-program times, please call in advance.


The major program at every ashram is Satsang, where devotees gather to imbibe Master’s transforming spiritual discourses. The words of the Master resonate within the mind and heart of the listener, awakening the inner wisdom that liberates the soul. Literally “communion with Truth” (from the Sanskrit), Satsang is the direct and awakening communication of the Satguru with each soul to realize our oneness with the Divine. In the Light and solace of His truth, we emerge purified, renewed and inspired on our spiritual journey.



The ashrams offer programs every week year-round, and all sincere seekers are welcome. Satsang is held twice weekly (Sunday and Thursday evenings), preceded by chanting and followed by meditation. Aarati (chanting of mantras and worship) is offered each morning and evening followed by meditation.  Retreats are available; please inquire for details.  Voluntary service (karma yoga) forms an integral part of the ashramites’ and devotees’ lives. For study, the ashrams maintain excellent libraries. There is no charge for any of these programs. Donations are always appreciated. Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement. Visitors are welcome to attend programs. To arrange a visit at non-program times, please call in advance.


Our Publications include the Books of Swami Amar Jyoti and Audio Satsangs—over 700 spiritual discourses on CD/Cassette, Light of Consciousness Journal, Chants to the Divine on CD/Cassette and Deity Art and Photographs. Our award-winning Prayer & Meditation Calendar with stunning photographs from around the world features inspiring quotes by Swami Amar Jyoti and prayers from diverse faiths and traditions.

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In the majestic Colorado Rockies at 9,000 feet, Sacred Mountain Ashram, on a mountaintop with spectacular views of the Continental Divide, comprises 108 heavenly acres of evergreens and aspens, wildflowers, snow, deer and other furry and feathered brethren. Jyoti Mandir, the Temple of Light, with architecture inspired by temples of Himalaya, offers a sanctuary of peace and upliftment for Satsang, prayer and meditation. Annapurna, a two-story geodesic dome, houses a spacious dining room, community kitchen, an extensive spiritual library and publications sales.

Jyoti Dham (Gurudeva’s dwelling) is surrounded by monastic residences, Sacred Mountain Ashram and nearby Sevalaya (Center of Service). Guest rooms with shared bath and kitchen are available for retreat accommodations in summer. Sacred Mountain Ashram is a place of heavenly beauty, silence and meditation, filled with the presence of our Gurudeva. For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact:

SACRED MOUNTAIN ASHRAM, 10668 Gold Hill Road, Boulder CO 80302-9716
Phone: 303-447-1637, or you can email us here


If you wish to visit us, please fill out our VISITOR FORM



An oasis of peace and tranquility in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert foothills, Desert Ashram is located on 26 lush acres with palm, eucalyptus and other trees, native shrubs, cacti, an orchard, and gardens. In the divine inspiration of Gurudeva’s presence, devotees gather twice weekly for Satsang and meditation at Jyoti Mandir, Temple of Light. With its fountain and arched verandah, the temple facilities also include a spiritual library and publications sales room. Jyoti Dham, built in 1999, is Master’s hogan-shaped residence. Ashirvad (blessings), the main ashram building, houses the women’s monastery, kitchen, dining room and the general office. Desert Ashram is currently the home of Truth Consciousness Publications, where Gurudeva’s books, audio Satsangs on CD/Cassette, Chants to the Divine, Light of Consciousness Journal, and Prayer & Meditation Calendar are produced by ashramites and devotees as karma yoga. Limited retreat accommodations are available by prior arrangement.

DESERT ASHRAM, 3403 W. Sweetwater Drive, Tucson AZ 85745-9301
Ph: 520-743-0384, or you can email us directly when you click here


If you wish to visit us, please fillout our VISITOR FORM

Directions to DESERT ASHRAM.


From the moment you enter the gates of Jyoti Ashram, you are aware that you have entered a place of great holiness and peace. Jyoti Ashram was the first ashram established by Gurudeva and continues to draw sincere seekers from India and abroad. Three to four hours by road or rail from Mumbai (Bombay), Jyoti Ashram is a garden-like sanctuary with many beautiful trees, a refuge of many birds. The entire ashram is pervaded by Master’s presence and grace.

After Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi in June of 2001, a Samadhi Sthal (memorial temple) in the form of a pure white marble pyramid was created as the place of His Blessed Remains, where devotees come for Darshan (holy vision) and meditation. The Samadhi Sthal was dedicated with Vedic pujas and ceremonies on His Mahasamadhi day, June 13, 2002, and is a pilgrimage of meditation, worship and prayer for all those blessed to enter there.
Ananda Niketan Trust publishes Conscious Living—Chinmaya Jeevan, an annual journal of applied spirituality, and the Books of Swami Amar Jyoti in Hindi and English as well as His audio Satsangs in Hindi and English. If you are in the India subcontinent, please contact the ashram directly at:

JYOTI ASHRAM 68 Lulla Nagar, Pune 411 040 (Maharashtra), India
Phone (from USA): 011-91-202-6832632
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